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How can Caregivers Best Care for Themselves during COVID-19 Times?

In these pandemic times, it is important to continue to invest in being healthy. So, here are three ways for you to take care of your physical and emotional wellbeing.


When you are under stress, sit down, and reflect upon every aspect of your life. This reflection brings you insights into drivers of stress. Once you identify the stress factors, find solutions that you can implement. Also, make time for yourself to consciously relax every day, being present to yourself. Sitting down alone and not doing anything at all for 15–30 minutes a day can offer you new perspective into your busy life and support your emotional wellbeing in a significant way.

When you are relaxed, you shine through your work and in your relationships, putting others at ease. A big reward indeed!


Exercising releases endorphins and delivers oxygen and nutrients to all body parts. Consequently, exercising helps sleep, boosts immunity, controls body weight, fights disease and reduces anxiety and stress. A bounty of benefits for an active caregiver like you!

Depending on your schedule and the availability you may choose to engage expert guidance for your exercise regimen. Many gyms offer online training due to the pandemic. Or, you may restart the exercising regimen that you discontinued some time ago.

Most importantly, you should continue with the regimen that works for you to enjoy long-lasting results.


Meditation is yet another method to maintain balance. In addition to most of the benefits that exercise offers, meditation is known to provide clarity of thought and inner peace.

The first thing that people notice about meditation is that the thoughts that cross one’s mind per second are slowed down. The more you meditate, the more you will experience this effect.

If you find it difficult to meditate, practice some relaxation exercises such as deep breathing to calm your body. Persisting with this relaxation practices helps you to meditate successfully.

It is always better to start your meditation practices in the presence of a guide or leader. There are many online courses set up by leaders and expert meditators to facilitate remote training in meditation. Likewise, there are many apps for guided meditation. Choose the option that fits you and enjoy the peace that meditation can bring to your life.