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Indoor Plants & their surprising health benefits for Seniors

For seniors in apartments or urban settings, outdoor gardening is not always an option.

With indoor plants and container gardens, one can reap the benefits of gardening while staying at home. Studies have shown that growing houseplants helps improve mood, increases wellness and lowers anxiety.

Here are some reasons for seniors to have indoor plants:

Prevents Cancer

A study by NASA suggests that indoor plants not only purifies the air by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, but also eliminates cancer-causing agents present in the air.

Let nature’s stewards keep the air fresh, while they breath easy and stay healthy.

Mood booster

Strategically placing plants around the house can help enhance the atmosphere and improve mood. Most people associate flowers with happiness and celebration, so maintaining flowering plants around unconsciously stimulates a celebratory spirit. Touching flowers and plants is a great sensory therapy, and the dark green color of most houseplants is extremely soothing for the eyes.

Reduces the Risk of Dementia

According to a study by the University of Washington, gardening therapy can help reduce the risk of dementia by up to 36%. The activity has loads of positive effects for anyone, especially for seniors as it combines learning, consistency, strength, and stamina. A small herb garden or a kitchen garden on the balcony is a great alternative and highly recommended for all seniors!

Considering the host of benefits to be gained from indoor plants, it might be a great activity to consider for your loved one.