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Tips to Boost Immunity in Seniors

The human immune system tends to weaken over a period of time due to various reasons. And the most prominent among them is aging, making seniors particularly susceptible to deteriorating immunity. Here are a number of ways that aging adults can boost their immune systems: 

  • Consume foods with antioxidant properties: Antioxidants have proven to significantly enhance immunity. These foods are easy to cook and also digest. Foods that are bright in color are usually the best source of antioxidants. Some of these super foods rich in antioxidants include  oranges, green leafy vegetables, blueberries, tomatoes and pomegranate. 
  • Focus on exercise and movement: Seniors often don’t get ample exercise on a regular basis.  Exercising daily can improve life expectancy, reduce the chance of depression and heart risks as well as improve overall well being in aging adults. 
  • Sleep well: Irregular sleep patterns and insomnia are a major cause of stress amongst and can adversely impact one’s immune system, affecting overall health. Therefore, it’s essential to take extreme care of you sleep cycle. Some of the best techniques to deal with insomnia and other sleep issues is to ensure that your surroundings are quiet and comfortable. Equally important is to make sure that one strictly adheres to their sleep timings. 
  • Keep stress at bay: Stress not only impacts mental health in a negative manner, but also tends to weaken one’s immune system within no time.Some techniques to better manage stress include increased socializing, be it in person or through online mediums and engaging in charitable activities.

It’s advisable to take small but firm steps in the direction of strengthening your immune system, as it’s a process and can’t happen overnight. Nonetheless, every step in the right direction can deliver positive results when it comes to boosting immunity.