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Ways Seniors Can Find Happiness During the Evolving Pandemic

The evolving pandemic has caused unprecedented fear amongst humans, especially aging adults. And as a result, many seniors have never before felt the need to socialize as much as they do now. We found some interesting ways to enable your loved  ones to remain happy now two years into the evolving pandemic. 

  • Take socializing and physical events at your own pace: Now that for many physical interactions, family/friend gatherings are again possible, navigating how to “re-enter” social gatherings can be a challenge in and of itself.  Many people, young and old, are experiencing such challenges. Encourage your loved ones to go at their own pace and continue to maintain safety protocols that feel right and are medically recommended for them.  Most importantly, encourage an ongoing dialogue among family and friends about your loved one’s feelings and any concerns as they resume more regular social interaction to strike the right balance of go-forward safety and social connection.
  • Maintain an active lifestyle: Staying active can be achieved even when required or deciding to stay at home. For instance, activities such as cleaning the house, learning a new skill or language, taking up a new hobby among others help to maintain muscle and/or brain health. Such activities go a long way in helping maintain mental balance as well as physical fitness. 
  •  Play online games with your friends and family: While getting the hang of technology can be challenging for some these days, there are many simple gaming apps designed to enable bonding. Some games even allow more than a dozen people to play at the same time. Moreover, there are some really interesting games like chess for example, that test strategy skills.
  • Be a part of a community: Numerous virtual social support communities have recently launched driven by the fact that many seniors dealt with loneliness during earlier lockdowns that lasted for weeks and sometimes months. Communities that not only help seniors connect with others but also address psychological challenges are continuing to gain popularity. These communities are a great forum for your loved ones to connect with others with whom they can connect and share their thoughts on a regular basis. 

While there’s no set list of things to do when venturing out or staying home one must ensure that any event, activity, whether physical or mental, suits existing conditions. FIrst and foremost it is important to relax, unwind and connect rather than getting stressed about attending an event or taking on new activities and/or technology driven pursuits.