Mind-stimulating games for seniors to boost memory

Keeping the mind sharp is very crucial for seniors. Keeping them busy with mind-stimulating games is a great way to improve their memory and cognitive skills.

Factors to consider while choosing cognitive games for seniors:

Interest: Pick games that seniors enjoy playing. If they absolutely hate Chess, don’t suggest it. . Instead, encourage them to pick games that they do enjoy.

Format of the game: Today, you find brain games in many different formats, including classic board games, puzzles and even online games that encourage social interactions. Choose one that suits your loved ones.

Level of difficulty: Find games that are challenging but not too difficult. Avoid games that are extremely hard to complete.

Here are a few games to help seniors improve memory, problem-solving, creativity, and other cognitive functions.

Crossword puzzle

Crossword puzzles help tremendously with memory retention. The challenges faced during solving a puzzle help the brain form and maintain connections. Word games also invoke logical reasoning in seniors.


Sudoku is one of the most popular and traditional memory games. If you have subscribed to any newspaper, you’ll find this game there. Sudoku requires sharp logic and memory skills, which pushes the brain to make connections.

Card games

Card games like Solitaire, Poker, Uno and even Go Fish can help improve cognitive function in seniors. They stimulate parts of their brain responsible for memory retention and logical problem-solving.


Strategy games like Chess stimulate multiple parts of the brain and help seniors improve memory, problem-solving, concentration, and decision-making skills. They exercise both sides of the brain.


According to studies, playing Bingo can help seniors improve their brain’s processing speed and memory. Bingo requires players to be skillful listeners and find numbers quickly across multiple cards.


Dominoes are great for translating memory exercises and critical thinking into real-world settings, with ramifications for the decisions made.

Cognitive decline isn’t a foregone conclusion in the life of a senior. Single-player, memory games like Crosswords and Sudoku are easy to learn and can take just 10 minutes of their time everyday! Add cognitive/memory games to your elder care checklist and give your loved ones more options for entertainment at home.

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