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Top 3 Grocery Delivery Services for Seniors

For seniors, shopping for groceries may feel challenging these days. To address in-person shopping challenges, online grocery and meal kit services have stepped in. We’ve profiled three such options. These services provide both food and other household supplies.


Instacart brings you fresh produce and alcohol from your favorite neighborhood retailers, about 350 of them, such as Target, Kroger, and Costco.

Instacart appoints dedicated shoppers who deliver your order to your doorstep. Use this service if you don’t want to pick up the groceries yourself and save on driving and curbside pick up time. Instacart delivers in 5.5K cities across the US and Canada. You can use desktop, iOS, or Android devices to order groceries and food.

A handful of reasons to choose Instacart include:

  • One of the quickest delivery services.
  • Less than 1-hour delivery through Instacart Express service
  • Neighborhood retailers minus the hassle to your doorstep.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh, Amazon’s grocery line, makes groceries available in select cities across the US and Canada. Fruits & vegetables, meat & seafood, bread & bakery, deli & prepared food, frozen foods, pantry staples, snacks, beverages, health & wellness, household supplies, pet supplies, among others, are available for ordering.

Amazon Fresh is available for free to all Amazon Prime members. A cool feature is that you can dictate a list to Alexa and access the list using their website while shopping. Also, you can order using Alexa.

Select the category as Whole Foods Market to order some of your favorite foods.

Reasons to choose Amazon are many, including:

  • Prepped food.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Touchless deliveries in temperature-controlled bags.
  • Deliveries in color-coded bags.

Good Eggs

Good Eggs is a San Francisco-based online grocery. It offers grocery, meal kits, fresh produce, prepped food, home cleaning supplies, among others. It sources locally grown fresh food with organic options.

Good Eggs’ services are available in the San Francisco Bay area. You can order using their website or the iOS app. Good Eggs is open 24/7 and promises to deliver in just a few hours.

Here are some reasons why you want to use Good Eggs. It offers:

  • Prepped produce.
  • Items catering to special diets.
  • Packaging recycling.