Top Meal Delivery Options for Seniors

Meal delivery services help the seniors in your life enjoy the nutrition that they deserve, even when they can’t cook or families and friends are physically far away.

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Meal Delivery Services

There are two major categories of meal delivery services available.

  1. Free or subsidized meal delivery services.
  2. Paid meal services.

Free or Subsidized Meal Delivery

Organizations that provide free or subsidized meals to seniors are mostly run on donations and grants.

Meals on Wheels America provides nutritious meals for seniors at their doorsteps. For those who can venture out, meals are distributed at the senior community centers. They serve throughout the US, across 5,000 communities by volunteers and staff members. What’s more, a safety check accompanies meal delivery. The volunteer or staff member ensures that if a senior has fallen or is not well, the authorities and the family members are alerted.

Project Angel Heart provides free, fully-cooked, refrigerated, and home-delivered food for seniors diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses.

Mom’s Meals provides chef-cooked tasty food options delivered at seniors’ doorsteps.

Paid Meal Services

While many of these services prepare food in their kitchens and distribute it, others help seniors to connect to local restaurants.

Top Chef Meals aims to meet your lifestyle and wellness needs. It ships freshly cooked food after freezing it. The website includes a separate section for senior meals.

Medifast provides dietary plans for seniors, diabetics, and nursing mothers, among others, for weight reduction choices that are also tasty and serve the nutrition needs of the seniors.

DoorDash brings food, groceries, and alcohol from nearby restaurants.

Postmates brings food, drink and groceries, and many other daily needs to homes across the 50 states in the US from the nearby stores.

Grubhub delivers food and alcohol. You can order from the restaurants and pickup restaurants nearby.

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