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Checklist for a smarter elder care plan

When you provide care to your loved ones, it’s easy to overwork yourself and ignore your own health. But do you know family caregiver fatigue and burnout can be so harmful that they can completely change your lifestyle upside down? Let’s make elderly care less challenging and more manageable for you by creating a senior care checklist and a true understanding of what is needed to fulfil it. A good checklist for your aging parents’ care guides you as you navigate the transition into the later stages of their lives

Here are the 4 most important things that your senior care checklist must include.

Caregiving Plan

As your loved ones’ needs change, so should your plan. Consider these points when caring for your aging parents:

  • Define family members’ caregiving roles and adhere to them
  • Make arrangements for their pets’ care
  • Make respite care arrangements
  • Set up in-home assistance
  • Meet with their doctors and caregivers regularly
  • Monitor their treatments and medications
  • Find solutions for better care coordination

Financial Plan

A good elder care checklist must include taking care of seniors’ finances. Here are some important things to watch for:

  • Better understand financial assistance options including medicare, social security, disability insurance, supplemental security income etc. for them
  • Leverage insurance and retirement plans
  • Find tax deduction schemes suitable for them

Legal Plan

Along with fulfilling your loved ones’ care needs, consider their legal ones. Your checklist must include:

  • Assistance with financial and legal accounts
  • Easy access to legal documents like wills, trusts, power of attorney, medical directives, citizenship papers, insurance policy papers, pension documents etc.

Safety Plan

As we age we face physical challenges and the risk of falling. Here are some areas to consider:

  • A safer and more accessible home
  • Senior-friendly furniture and other equipment
  • Easy access to healthcare and at-home care services
  • Monitoring technology

Keeping your elderly care checklist up to date can help you manage your loved ones’ care needs more effectively, But at some point, you may need the assistance of a more modern care coordination solution or a professional caregiver. offers a coordination solution to help you simplify care management today and going forward as your or your loved one’s needs evolve.