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Managing Care in the Era of C-19

It’s difficult to go through the day without being confronted by C-19 almost everywhere it seems. It feels in many ways like the pandemic has thrown the world off balance. As we continue to “shelter in place” and/or “social distance” caregiving has become even more important yet more complex, especially when your parents are living remotely.

For many seniors, having nearby family and friends keep the company and help them with tasks provides a sturdy pillar of support. Now that seniors are “sheltering in place” and staying home to minimize risk of exposure to the virus, maintaining connections with family and friends who are familiar with their needs and health conditions has become more important than ever. With physical contact limited, many of us are turning to technology to bridge the gap.

Since in many families today, parents and children live far apart, it can be challenging to communicate and coordinate with each other regularly, often hindering the ability of seniors to express their true needs and concerns to their family members, friends and/or caregivers. Even with emails, Zoom, telephone calls and the like, care coordination given the current situation can be confusing and complex.

While families are stepping up to the challenge in innovative ways to ensure to ensure their parents’ needs are being met, a comprehensive tool to configure, monitor and collaborate with family members and caregivers involved in providing care to seniors has become an imperative. This is why after living the challenges first hand of managing quality in-home care for my Mom who was diagnosed with Parkinsonism five years ago, I’ve been inspired to launch a solution that will enable seniors to live meaningful, connected and fulfilled lives in the safety & comfort of their own homes.

Particularly in light of the additional challenges brought about by the current pandemic, I’m thrilled to soon launch our free app with the hope that we will provide significant value for remote family members, caregivers and seniors needing assistance. My goal is to simplify care coordination and enable family members to focus on what really matters; enabling their loved ones to live extraordinary lives and creating meaningful moments together!

By leveraging technology combined with a positive mindset, grounded in fearlessness, love, comfort, balance, peace and abundance, I truly believe we have the opportunity to not only adapt to the current situation but also in turn transform senior living.

Jim Lightsey, Founder — Mariposa Technologies