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Mariposa Technologies, Inc Launches Advanced Capabilities for Homecare Agencies

Mariposa provides a modern take on private duty personal care software for better aging in place for seniors and those who care for and about them

NAPA, CA, USA, July 11, 2023/ — Mariposa provides technology and tools for better aging in place, enabling seniors and those who care for and about them to better manage their complete personal care experience — to identify, organize, collaborate on and deliver the care they need – across all involved and over time.

For homecare agencies, Mariposa provides a modern take on private duty personal care software that enhances the whole client experience so seniors age in place longer, more comfortably and more safely, and family member and caregiver satisfaction and retention are higher.

Today, we announce several new, advanced capabilities of the Mariposa solution for homecare agencies that go beyond traditional private duty personal care software and and address many of its shortcomings. These new capabilities include: Offline mode, Tablet access, Situational awareness, and Choice.

Offline mode: The need for connectivity is a challenge faced by agency caregivers using traditional solutions. Our new “offline mode” on the Mariposa mobile app allows caregivers to work wherever, without worrying about connectivity. So they are more productive and more satisfied with their work, leading to higher retention and quality.

Tablet access: Client assessments using traditional software solutions are cumbersome and require a laptop or desktop computer to complete. Mariposa now allows homecare agencies to complete their intakes at the senior’s home faster and more easily by using a tablet. This frees them during the intake process to focus on the senior, not the technology.

SItuational awareness: The third Mariposa enhancement that leapfrogs traditional private duty personal care software reflects our commitment to empowering and equipping caregivers. While traditional solutions are agency-centric and limited, with a view only into the care they directly provide, Mariposa is client-centric, responsive and collaborative. Our role-based solution enables caregivers to fully participate in their client’s care alongside others involved in their well-being. Now, it also equips them with detailed information about a client’s specific needs for each visit so they are able to provide more targeted and more timely care, leading to better outcomes, and higher satisfaction and retention.

Choice: And finally, most traditional private duty personal care software is based on closed architecture, which restricts homecare agencies to its full suite and often involves hidden transaction charges. Mariposa is committed to providing homecare agencies the freedom to choose from best-of-breed solutions that uplevel their back-office operations at no additional cost.

About Mariposa Technologies, Inc. – Mariposa Technologies, Inc designs technology and tools that make life better at every stage. Our consumer-driven mobile and web solution orchestrates and integrates the network of services and support that work together to help seniors age in place safely and comfortably. The Mariposa platform is free to consumers for planning and coordinating care. It is available on a subscription basis to homecare agencies and senior living communities to collaborate with seniors and their loved ones on care planning and to schedule, deliver and manage needed personal care services.

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