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Movement Matters- A guide for Seniors to feel their best!

The best fitness activities are often the ones you don’t even consider as exercise — Gardening, playing with your grandkids and working on hobbies. While these activities are great, it is a good idea to also supplement them with regular fitness efforts!

We have listed out some fun-filled activities for your loved ones to stay motivated and healthy!


Dancing is a wonderful way to get some cardiovascular benefits and improve your coordination and balance. Dancing regularly improves movement that in turn, reduces the risk of falling and getting injured.

You don’t have to necessarily go to a class to dance, just shake your legs to your favorite numbers at home and relieve your stress while giving your body a full workout!

Pool Exercises

If you have access to a swimming pool, then go for a quick swim. You don’t actually need to swim laps or dive from a board. Water aerobics and aqua jogging are great alternative low-impact exercises to try out, and are effective in improving body composition and reducing lower back pain.


If you love gardening, but your joints scream when you bend, try a garden of raised pots and vessels on your deck or patio. Grow plants in raised containers if you have arthritic knees. Raising herbs and tomatoes in pots can be a nice blend of fun, exercise and growing/cultivating healthy food.


Cycling is a great way to exercise outdoors in a low-impact and low-stress manner. It’s a great way to keep chronic ailments at bay and improve the heart’s performance. It also helps improve balance and strengthen leg muscles.

Chair Exercises

Chair exercises are an effective low-impact way of incorporating movement into your routine. You can build strength and balance through arm exercises with stress balls along with leg and breathing exercises while sitting.

If you are a senior, an adult child, a caregiver or a person running an elder care center, these fun exercises will help you promote a healthy lifestyle!