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New Partnership for Better Aging in Place for New Mexico Seniors

Senior.One and Mariposa Technologies, Inc join forces to help align seniors, their families and caregivers on New Mexico seniors’ needs and care delivery

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, USA, August 23, 2023/ — Today, we’re announcing a partnership to make aging in place better for New Mexico seniors, their families and caregivers by helping them align on their care needs, personalize their care plans, and coordinate and jointly manage their care delivery.

With age, many of us need help – sometimes a little, sometimes more. The types and intensity of care needed typically increase over time, and it’s rare to find a superhuman who can do it all. The difficulties of an effective care assessment, needs communication and coordination among family and senior care partners can make senior care frustrating, fragmented, and unfulfilling for all involved.

Senior.One is a leading Senior Care Navigation service that addresses the needs of New Mexico’s seniors and their families by facilitating direct connections for seniors and their caregivers to senior living communities, homecare agencies and other senior focused services. They provide their clients with a better understanding of all available care options while allowing them freedom to navigate the next best step for themselves or their aging loved one.

Senior.One has adopted the Mariposa platform as a way to enhance their client and referral partner experiences. They now use Mariposa to complete all client needs assessments as a value added enhancement to existing referral reports sent to their senior living and homecare partners. With Mariposa, Senior.One clients are able to access, update and refine the assessment directly from within the Mariposa mobile app as needs evolve.

The Mariposa platform is unique in its senior-centric approach to enabling joint management of care by the key players involved in a senior’s care and well-being – including family caregivers, homecare agencies and caregivers, and designated family members. It provides for personalization of a senior’s care plan to accommodate the senior’s preferences and their family’s wishes. It facilitates alignment among seniors, their family and their agency caregivers, promoting continuity of care among them and increasing everyone’s satisfaction with the care experience. By enabling seniors and their family to directly access and update the needs assessment created by senior advisors like Senior.One, seniors’ changing needs are addressed more promptly and systematically and client information sharing with referral partners is streamlined and comprehensive.

According to Evan Thompson, Senior.One Founder/CEO, “Our referral partners love our new Mariposa enabled assessment reports! They feel Senior.One is making their jobs easier by gathering key needs assessment information upfront in an easy to digest and shareable manner, allowing for better care provider matching. We are also enabling our senior care partners to deliver a more seamless client experience by eliminating redundant and repetitive needs assessment questions as they engage with our new client referrals.”

The Mariposa platform is available to homecare agencies, senior care advisors, and senior living communities for developing and implementing personal care plans and scheduling, delivering and managing in-home personal care services. The free app is available to seniors, their families and others in the App Store and Google Play.


About Senior.One – Senior.One is a free tech-enabled care navigation service for seniors and their caregivers serving the entire continuum of care. Whether you are comparing senior living options, coordinating extra help in the home, considering adult day care, or getting ready to downsize, we’ve got you covered!

Senior.One is your trusted guide through the senior care journey.

For more information about Senior.One, contact [email protected]

About Mariposa Technologies, Inc – Mariposa Technologies, Inc designs technology and tools to make life better at every stage. Their consumer-driven mobile and web solution orchestrates and integrates the network of services and support that help seniors age in place safely and comfortably. The Mariposa platform is free to consumers for planning and coordinating care. It is available on a subscription basis to homecare agencies, senior living communities and advisors to collaborate with seniors and their loved ones on care planning and to schedule, deliver and manage needed personal care services.

For more information about Mariposa Technologies, Inc or request a demo, contact [email protected]