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Tips for Family Members to Handle Medication Management Effectively

Quite often, family members can be clueless about the right dose and the right procedure to administer medications to their loved ones. This can especially be the case for busy working family members. Here are a few tips to effectively manage the medication of your loved ones: 

  • Educate your loved ones: There might be instances when you could be away from home for a while on a holiday or busy with your regular office work. In such cases, it’s essential that you make your loved one aware of the most common medication mistakes. Some common mistakes related to medication could be improper dosage, not following the prescribed time or even disregarding the diet to be followed during the administration of a particular medication. 
  • Access to a pharmacist: It’s always best to have ready access to a pharmacist, especially when family members may be away. A pharmacist can be helpful in case your loved ones run out of their medication and even more if they are facing some kind of reaction due to the medication prescribed. 
  • Discard unnecessary/expired medicines: As a family member, it’s important for you to ensure that your loved ones are being administered the right set of medicines. Any medication that is no longer prescribed  or is past it’s expiration date should be discarded without any delay. Make sure that you cross-check prescriptions every time they are updated. 
  • Leverage mobile technology to manage medication real-time: The advancement that technology has made in the field of healthcare is simply remarkable. Family members can now utilize various applications now available in the market to ensure that their loved ones’ medications are managed well. Many mobile apps, including mariposa, provide access to the reports, medication schedules, and other useful information to help ensure the well-being of your loved ones even when you’re away. 

While given hectic daily schedules, it’s not always possible to be there in person with your loved ones, with advances in mobile technology you can now provide care and support for management of your loved one’s medications even from afar.