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Top seven advantages of dance therapy for aging adults

Dancing is a healthy way to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health while staying safe at home through the pandemic. Indulging in low-impact dance moves with your favorite music and partner, friends and grandchildren will not only make your golden years more colorful but also improve mobility, heart health, strength and balance while addressing common aging-related health problems including hip and knee pain, dementia, insomnia and depression.

Some of the key advantages of dance therapy include..

Improves self-awareness

Any kind of low-impact body movements helps you express yourself, your needs and your feelings in an impactful way. Dance therapy takes it a step further and enables you to be even more self-expressed.

Reduces stress

Dancing with your loved ones is a great way to boost your state of mind while reducing anxiety and stress, and improving vital signs.

Boosts self-confidence

Some times, post-retirement, seniors may get stuck in a rut, detaching themselves from the rest of the world. Discover your charm by adding dance back to your daily routine. Dance therapy also helps to build confidence.

Improves physical fitness

Seniors who love dancing are generally more physically active than others and more likely to witness improvement in their balance, joint flexibility and muscle strength.

Improves emotional wellbeing

Dancing is closely associated with our emotional well-being. The motion-emotion connection that is generated through dancing can help you get rid of loneliness, frustration, depression, fear, and pressure, boosting your emotional health.

Encourages intellectual wellbeing

When practiced regularly and systematically, dance or movement therapy can result in enhanced cognitive and intellectual abilities.

Helps manage anger better

It’s common to get frustrated or angry very easily in some situations, especially when you suffer from Dementia. Engaging in fun activities including dance can help you to increase your attention span and stay calm and relaxed.

Including dance in your daily routine creates a holistic approach to enhance your overall wellbeing. Even if done on occasion, dance can help to positively transform your life!