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The Mariposa Solutions Ecosystem adds more options for homecare agencies

At Mariposa Technologies, Inc, we design technology and tools that make life better at every stage. Our consumer-centric mobile and web solution orchestrates and integrates the network of services and support that help seniors age in place longer, more comfortably and more safely.

We recognize that homecare agencies are increasingly challenged to provide great experiences for clients and caregivers while at the same time optimizing their operations and generating profitable results. That’s why we offer a fresh take on traditional private duty personal care software that focuses on the client experience and caregiver satisfaction, and on enabling better communication, collaboration and engagement with clients and their loved ones. 

We launched the Mariposa Solutions Ecosystem in July as part of our commitment to free homecare agencies from the costly trap of private duty personal care software’s closed systems. Most traditional private duty personal care software restricts homecare agencies to its full suite and often involves hidden per transaction charges. In contrast, Mariposa gives homecare agencies the freedom to choose from best-of-breed solutions through the Mariposa Solutions Ecosystem, that uplevel their back office operations at no additional cost.

We added Paychex Flex(R to the Mariposa Solutions Ecosystem to help address the challenges of caregiver satisfaction and retention. This integration allows homecare agencies to expedite caregiver payroll processing by automating the flow of Mariposa-completed shift detail into Paychex Flex(R).  By providing agencies with increased efficiencies and data accuracy, this integration lowers homecare agency operating costs while increasing caregiver satisfaction.  It gives homecare agencies the freedom to deploy this payroll processing best-in-class solution for their business.

Building an open architecture platform and integrating with best-in-class solutions are just two of the ways Mariposa Technologies Inc is the modern take on traditional private duty personal care software that often lock homecare agencies into their closed solutions with potential hidden costs. We expect to do more of the same. 
The Mariposa platform is available on a subscription basis to homecare agencies and senior living communities to collaborate with seniors and their loved ones on care planning and to schedule, deliver and manage needed personal care services. It is free to consumers for planning and coordinating care. To learn about what our consumer-driven mobile and web solution can do for seniors and those who care for and about them, click here.