The Role of Technology in Delivering Personalized Senior Care

Seniors today are increasingly leveraging technology to make their daily lives easier. For example, many people now use smart-phones, tablets and wearables to simplify care management, stay connected with their loved ones, socialize and learn new things.  Technology not only provides new forms of entertainment, but also now enables senior care to be delivered  in new and better ways. Here’s how:

  • Improved senior health and fitness via technology tops the list. Many senior living communities, both independent and assisted, provide seniors with virtual game options including Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii that promote both physical and mental health.  The  movement required to play these games supports physical fitness, and the concentration level needed to compete promotes cognitive heath. Additionally, seniors, family members and caregivers use smart watches, fitness trackers and care coordination tools to manage and track their daily activities and health progress. These tech-enabled tools greatly help improve the wellbeing of both seniors and their caregivers.
  • A fulfilling social life leveraging technology is now a reality for many seniors, even without having to physically step out of their homes.  The pandemic forced seniors and their families to think twice before leaving their homes. Meanwhile, with online games and a host of social networking sites just a click away, seniors can now enjoy virtual time with friends and family from any part of the world.  From regular chats with loved ones to meeting new friends online, technology is empowering new opportunities for senior socialization.
  • Enhanced safety and personalization is another perk of advancing technology. With new mobile apps being rolled out regularly, seniors are now seamlessly customizing many aspects of their daily life.  From selecting a new community to choosing the caregiver, seniors are using apps to keep themselves and their families up to date on their well-being and health-related matters. 

The increased use of technology in delivering robust and efficient senior care will continue to enable increased personalization and provide better outcomes for not only seniors but also their family members, communities and caregivers.

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